A Message from our CTO

“When we started Powerband, we were engineers. We all shared in the excitement around technology and its brilliance. We still regard technology in all its forms and believe in its power to build the imagination and make dreams possible. As engineers, we designed, built and implemented new innovations to show companies a better way to do business. Being instrumental in research and development introduced new light into day to day workings. Things as simple as collaborative tools to the complexities of cybersecurity. From positioning a company that develops software to supporting a company whose core line of business is non-technology related, the innovation is the same. It’s an understanding of the client and what‘s going to allow them to exploit the full potential of their business. The technology can be the infrastructure, the platform and/or the wings. As an engineer, I understood how my clients worked, what they needed to do to be successful and most importantly how they could stay ahead of their competition. As CTO of Powerband I incorporate that philosophy within our culture and all of our customers, large and small benefit from our respect for technology and passion for invention.”